Truckload             truckload

The transportation industry is full of constant shifts in the market along with seasonal ups and downs and our experienced staff works daily to stay on top of the newest products and customers coming to the market. Our truckload team constantly works to add quality drivers to our system so that we can deliver qualified capacity to our customers when they need it most. The AM Trans truckload team is built on a foundation of transparency with our valued customers and these specialists will go out of their way to ensure that your freight is covered in a cost effective way and will communicate with you throughout the lifespan of your load.

Our truckload team performs multiple check calls on each load in our system daily. For customers requiring details on updates, we have an automated notification process that alerts stakeholders after critical stages of the shipment have been completed.

Sprinters and Straight Trucks Hotshots            

Am Trans operates a dedicated 24/7/365 staffed expedite operation serving the United States and Ontario, Canada. The division operates primarily Sprinters, cube trucks, and straight trucks with both singles and teams.


A Fresh Approach to LTL Freight Shipping

Am Trans is trying to break the perspective that LTL freight shipping is nothing more than a commodity. We deliver more transportation options, cheap freight shipping solutions and technology than any other player in the marketplace. We back-up this diversity of solutions with dedicated account personnel that will come to understand your business and become a true partner in your logistics success. Our team will ensure that your freight is on its way and on time, and if its not, will go out of its way to get it back on course. You’ll love having Am Trans in your corner and you’ll also enjoy the cost savings that comes with it.


Am Trans open-deck transportation professionals arrange the transportation of shipments that don’t fit inside a traditional enclosed trailer. There are several factors, such as size, weight, and composition of the materials being transported, that determine which trailer and equipment type should be used. We are equipped to help you identify your needs and save you money by asking the right questions.

Flatbed trailers are the most common type of equipment used in open-deck transportation.

Temperature Controlled             

Whether it’s keeping ice cream from melting in the summer or protecting beverages from freezing in the winter, our refrigerated team finds drivers that have the necessary equipment for loads requiring temperature control. We have experience in E-track shipment, multi-stop loads, and consolidated shipments.


Intermodal or rail shipping is a viable over the road alternative that is often underutilized by many customers. Intermodal shipping is a great solution for freight traveling between major markets, and although slightly slower than standard truckload shipping, it’s often a much more economical choice. Am Trans intermodal specialists can evaluate how rail shipping can fit effectively into your company’s transportation profile.